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Chief Executive Officer

Linda Landers

Chief Executive Officer

"I am really blessed! This is very joyful work." —Linda Landers

After almost 20 years in the corporate world working as a claims adjuster, Linda took a chance and escaped the cubicle life! Now, she translates her passion for creating memorable events and making people happy into her life's calling as CEO of the Hidden Table. With a meticulous nature, hands-on approach, and boundless affection for her work, each day she helps to shape new special moments for her clients.

Linda is married to Chef Russ and together they have four wonderful daughters, a fabulous son-in-law, and two handsome and very gifted grandsons. They enjoy spending family time and entertaining their family and friends, who never turn down a party or meal at the Lander's house.

Linda graduated from Chico State with a major in Economics and a minor in beer drinking.

Founder & Head Dishwasher

Russ Landers

Founder & Head Dishwasher

Chef Russ has long been passionate about great food, and has always enjoyed preparing gourmet meals. In 2005, his lifelong love of cooking brought him to start The Hidden Table, a catering and personal chef service. Although he has many perfected recipes and 25 years of restaurant and catering experience, he really likes preparing dishes that match his clients' tastes.

Russ has trained in St Helena, CA, Europe, and South America with a focus on elegant peasant foods. He graduated from CCA and a 9 month stint at CIA. However, he is most proud to be a graduate of the CAML (Cooking All My Life) Culinary School.

Executive Chef

Tim Benham

Executive Chef

Tim Benham would rather roll up his sleeves and see what happens when new ingredients get combined than read about someone else doing it. "There's nothing I'd rather be doing than experimenting in the kitchen," he says.

Tim began his career at age 11, obtaining a work permit from his school to bus tables. By 14, he had moved into the kitchen of a Swiss chef's restaurant in Colorado the Rocky Mountains. A lifetime of culinary service followed, spanning three years as a line cook at Spago Las Vegas, stints with Jeffrey Inahara at Vertigo and Bruce Hill at The Waterfront, an executive chef position at Tarragon in Sunnyvale, and many others.

Tim finds inspiration in the changing seasons and the new influxes of produce they bring. At the Hidden Table, he focuses on smaller produce farms and other local products, both to ensure quality and support local farmers and producers. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, watching baseball and hockey, kayaking local waterways, golf ... and dreaming about food.

Sales Manager

Ritzy James

Sales Manager

Ritzy has always had a passion for hospitality and business. In her early career, she worked up from hostessing to bartending and then moved into the accounting field. Working for The Hidden Table combines her skills in business, sales, and her impressive understanding of the catering industry.

She prides herself on helping our clients create their dream menu and ensures that they have everything they need to create their perfect event, from catering services, to bartending, to rentals, and more. When Ritzy is not in the office, you'll find her on-site at many of our events, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that our clients are having an incredible experience.

Events Manager

Mark McCoin

Events Manager

Mark has been involved in the catering industry for years, working in large-scale food service for concerts and events before joining The Hidden Table over 6 years ago. As our current Events Manager, Mark works with our clients and our team to go over every detail and ensure that each event runs smoothly. Before joining The Hidden Table full time, Mark was a Team Captain during events ranging from 200+ person weddings to intimate dinner parties, leading our staff from start-to-finish. His hands-on experience at hundreds of our events helps him succeed as our Events Manager as he truly knows the ins-and-outs of what it takes to have a successful event.

Outside of work, Mark is building his own small business where he sells specialty tamales. You'll find him cooking, trying new recipes, and entertaining his friends and family!

Events Manager

Robert Lawlor

Events Manager

Robert entered the industry as a bartender in Long Beach, CA before moving to the Sacramento area and continuing his bartending career for over 20 years. He joined The Hidden Table four years ago as a Head Bartender and has learned the ins-and-outs of catering through being a part of hundreds of events. Robert joined the team full-time as an Events Manager alongside Mark, and loves working closely with our clients to ensure we create their dream event.

His favorite part of working with The Hidden Table is the comradery that exists between Chef Russ and Linda and all of our staff. Outside of work, you'll find Robert collecting comic books!

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